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Switches / Routers / Wireless

From your PC, to the Server Room - we have you covered.

We don't just support the PC you are working on, but if you need some cabling work doing, we can assist with that. Running new cabling through your premises, from wall ports or floor ports back to your server room at standard 1Gbps or faster 10Gbps speeds (your PC's might need an upgrade though to benefit from the higher network speeds above 1Gbps).

But the networking doesn't stop there - with networking switches ranging from small 8 port switches to much larger 48 port switches, all PoE+ to power any PoE device like wireless access points or desk phones - all these switches are cloud managed, and fully configurable, along with being able to support 1Gbps Fibre connections and on the higher models, up to 10Gbps fibre connections via SFP+ modules - and along with these switches, also come a range of Wireless Access points to provide secure enterprise grade wireless connections for your staff, and also guest wireless for your customers. 


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The physical infrastructure of your building and office and is just as important as the hardware you using.
Fresh cable runs, or re-cabling existing cables can help improve performance by leveraging newer standards such as Cat6 and Fibre optic

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Give your staff a secure network to connect to on their devices over wi-fi, keeping them connected to your network, and accessing local resources. 
If you also have guests in your office, a secure guest wi-fi can also be setup and secured, keeping your data safe, and your guests data safe while.

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On-site or in the Cloud - leveraging the power servers has never been easier.
Virtual Services via vSphere or Hyper-V, or direct from cloud through Microsoft Azure.