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Microsoft 365 / Endpoint Protection / Remote Monitoring and Management

For every user with a PC, a Microsoft 365 License is required to operate. Along with this, Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware protection is key to protecting any business IT asset. Finally, everything is monitored for issues, and kept up to date remotely.


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Your PC's and Servers need to be protected against malicious software and virus's designed to disrupt your business, and even steal important data.

With BitDefender Endpoint protection, you stay protected - with regular scans, updates, and cloud monitoring. Another feature is the advanced network threat protection, not just stopping attacks coming in from the outside world, but across the network from other devices as well such as infected USB devices.

The features don't stop there - With Device Management, you also have control over what devices can and cant be used on your devices, disabling the CD/DVD drive or USB Storage Devices to protect against attacks.



All desktops, laptops and servers can benefit from remote monitoring and management services. 

Cloud based monitoring which reports any issues, allowing me to resolve the issue before they cause any problems for your company.

The tool also allows remote access the devices to troubleshoot issues, or help with installing new software for you and your users.



An added bonus to this tool is the patch management feature. Keeping your devices up to date is just as important as protecting them from viruses and malicious software.

Checking for the latest updates, and apply critical and important updates to your device, whilst holding back non-critical updates to a more appropriate time - reducing the amount of reboots you need to do waiting for updates to configure.

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As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, we provide licensing for all aspects of the Microsoft 365 suite of products, from the latest version of office apps, including additional software like Visio and Project - to Azure subscriptions, management services such as Intune, and the Microsoft Teams Phone System with Domestic Calling plan and International Calling Plan.